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Runvijay Paul is a self-taught photographer who grew up in Patiala, Punjab. Photography has always been his passion in life. He completed his diploma in creative photography from Sri Aurobindo Centre for Arts & Communication (SACAC), New Delhi.

Under the guidance of the great magnum photographer Mr. Raghu Rai and mentor Mr. Nitin Rai, Runvijay learned that it is not necessary to tour the seven seas to click a good photograph. You just need to have an eye to capture that unique moment, as it happens, or else you will miss out on the opportunity. Although he has never fully understood the nuances of photography, Runvijay says that he has always believed that there is much more to a photograph than that which meets the eye.

To photograph truthfully and effectively, one has to see beneath the surfaces and record the qualities of nature and humanity living or latent in all things. He has learned to see the vivid colors of life through the lens of his camera.

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Runvijay Paul

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